my name is Simon, I’m a photographer from Ottawa, Canada who sold everything and took off on the biggest adventure of my life. Along with my best bud Champ, we travel all over the world, meeting amazing people, seeing beautiful things and getting way, way off the beaten path. I share my adventures on my YouTube channel and Instagram and fund things with sales from my shop, or help from my patrons as well as grabbing work where I can. I’m far from wealthy but this lifestyle has afforded me a kind of wealth a bank book just can’t compare with.


    this is what started it all, a big backpack and a couple of legs under it and a vague itinerary. I’m catching a plane and I’m off to see something on the other side of the planet, getting a taste for the culture shock, and soaking in a new point of view. These comparatively short trips are jammed packed with some of my best memories and played a massive role in shapping the person I am today, so give em a watch. To date there are two series: The Great Canadian Eurotrip, and Ten Days in Thailand


    For 2 years I roamed the North American landscape in my 1992 Dodge B350 Travelhome camper van ‘Willie the Whale’. She is an epic machine, with a hungry 5.9L v8, weighing over 9000lbs and holding everything in my life. I had my super sherpa motorbike bolted to the back, 240 watts of solar on the roof, all the amenities of a full sized RV crammed into her comparatively small frame. I clocked 100 000 km in that van, and made a lot of friends, saw a lot of places, and had some awesome adventures, but everything must come to an end. I sold her in Vancouver the summer of 2017 and she lives on travelling the west coast. I’ve still got three great series on my adventures in her: Vanlife, Baja or Bust, and Pushing North.


    Oh man, I have a confession. I’m in love with an evil temptress. Life on two wheels is something I cannot let go. She’s got a grip on my heart and tears me away from time to time to rip up the open road. My first love was a 1984 Yamaha XS400 Seca, but it was never meant to be. Forbidden love. Because of time constraints and budget, I couldn’t afford to get her road legal, and so came into my life the most supportive of my temptresses, the ever forgiving Super Sherpa. I had my licence and plates for less than 24hrs and I set out on a 10 000 km road trip of the Canadian maritimes on a 250cc air cooled bike with all my gear slung over the pillion. No matter how bad my riding, how many mistakes I made, she just kept running, kept me upright, and treated me right. I have no idea how that bike did what it did, but if you ever see a Sherpa on the used market, buy it, quick. After she sold, I fell into a long winded three way romance with a 1999 Yamaha XVS1100 and a Champion Escort sidecar. It was the love I never knew I wanted, a cruiser, and a fat one at that. Black Betty was her name and we rode Canada from one side to the other and back. Just when I thought I’d really seen it all with her, we made another trip down the Westcoast and back, in the heat of summer. This bike chewed through the miles with me and Champ in tow, and I couldn’t be happier that she’s gone to a friend, and hasn’t finished her life of long haul rides into the sunset. So far we have three series on two wheels to watch: MotoMaritimes, MotoDogDiaries and Detour.


    Ah the boat. My most ambitious build yet. This is the big times, the real deal, the sacrifices and the heart ache. No vagabonding here. This is a lifetime commitment for me, this marriage to the life aquatic. My project of plywood and problems is a 1979 Oro by James Wharram called “Old Dog” and she’s a 47ft plywood solar wind catamaran. She’ll be parallel junk rigged, and running entirely fossil fuel free. For the time being we have just one ongoing series Sink or Swim

    Happy trails!